Colombian Coffee of the Month

Colombian Coffee of the Month

Roasted Colombian coffee is a great way to get a memorable and aromatic cup of java. The beans I use for roasting Colombian coffee are some of the best in the world, which creates a unique flavor profile. The lighter-bodied profiles of many Colombian coffees differentiate them from their darker-roasted peers, giving an incredibly smooth experience with delicious flavors that often include notes of chocolate or caramel.

Roasting Colombian coffee is just one part of creating a wonderful cup of coffee; it must also be properly brewed. A pourover coffee makes a great cup.

Enjoying your perfect roast is only available by grinding those beautiful beans, combining them with hot water, and letting the flavors mix and mingle. So take some time and enjoy every sip of your expertly roasted Colombian coffee!

Enjoy, Robert

Robert Coulter, Master Roaster


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