The Coffee Club Story

Our Story

The Coffee.Club started a few years ago at a "Traffic" domain conference.  

Colin Campbell and Jeff Sass of Get.Club approached Bill a long time domain investor and coffee entrepreneur with idea of building a coffee subscription club using their new TLD, .Club.  McClure liked the idea, so he invested along with Sass and Campbell in a number of club domains and the Coffee.Club business was born.

Bill enlisted his roasting team at, a leading online wholesale coffee roaster and distributor of teas, supplies, and gourmet coffee cakes. 

The Goal

Serve the best coffee on the planet, from around the world, fast and hot, right out of the oven, delivered straight to the customer.  

Leverage our love for drinking great coffee, background in technology, and the 250,000 Facebook Fans, use the friends a the .club to tell the world.

The Team at the Coffee.Club

We are Scott, Robert, Shelly, and Bill.

We spend our days thinking about coffee, searching for exotic coffees, roasting new coffees, tasting new roasts, designing new boxes, and shipping coffee to our customers. We are committed and guarantee to you we will only ship freshly roasted coffee, which means your cup is always filled with the finest coffee flavor.

Sustainability isn't a buzz word, caffeine is. Sustainability to us means paying premium prices to ensure premium coffee development. 

We also roast Native American Coffee, a truly original coffee.