What is the coffee club

e have a lot of customers ask What is the Coffee.Club? and what are the benefits of being in the club? Here are some of the highlights and perks. It’s good to be in the club!


Start your coffee delivery with Coffee.Club and get the highest quality coffee sent right to your door, on your schedule.We roast your beans by hand. We ship them to you as soon as they’ve cooled and settled. Your coffee will be organic, fair trade and freshly roasted just for you.  Our specialty artisan roaster is a master at roasting each batch by hand, carefully controlling the heat and air flow, then gently smoking the beans to enhance the flavor and aroma. We ship all orders on the 10th of each month.

Your shipment includes:

  • Hand roasted, organic fair trade coffee.
  • The freshest coffee. Guaranteed.
  • Choose your prefered grind.
  • Pause or cancel your membership anytime.
  • Always free shipping!

Just some of the blends:

Light roast – Taste notes: bright citrus acidity, jasmine floral with clean finish.
This coffee is a single origin selection from East Africa. Grown at over 6,000 feet elevation, this coffee offers a slightly tart sweetness with a creamy aftertaste; like green apples dipped in caramel. We roast this coffee just beyond first crack to preserve its delicate cup profile.

Medium roast – Tasting notes: sweet and juicy apricot acidity, milk chocolate, pecan, with medium body.
This coffee is a blend of two distinct single origins from Central America and East Africa; offering the perfect balance between chocolate, nuts, and fruit. We roast this coffee just a touch darker to accentuate sweetness and create a mellow aftertaste.

Dark roast – Tasting notes: smoky fruit, bakers chocolate, thick and rich.
This coffee is a single origin selection from the Acatenango region of Guatemala. This coffee is grown at over 5,000 ft elevation. We chose this high grown bean as the darker roast because of its density and the way it retains its strong flavor and aroma as a darker roast.

 Farm to cup, fresh to your door. Doesn’t get any better!