Sacred Grounds

Beans grown under shade tree canopies

preserving our tradition

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Native Blends

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    Lifestyle, culture, tradition, and history.

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Small Batch Artisan Roaster

We start with the highest quality
green coffee beans and then
roast them to perfection.

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Fair Trade is the Sacred Spirit

All our coffee is certified as having been
produced to fair trade standards.

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Club News & Articles

  • Top Coffee Subscriptions

    Top Coffee subscriptions  are growing in popularity, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t love receiving packages of their favorite blend or roast on a regular basis, ensuring that they never run out? There are a lot of great subscriptions to choose from. Coffee roasters of all sizes, from Starbucks to the neighborhood artisan, provide conveniently […]


    Coffee Club Today

    We have a lot of customers ask What is the Coffee.Club? and what are the benefits of being in the club? Here are some of the highlights and perks. It’s good to be in the club!   Start your coffee delivery with Coffee.Club and get the highest quality coffee sent right to your door, on your […]

  • coffee club iced

    How to make cold brew coffee and other treats.

    Tips For the Best Cold Brew Want the perfect cup of coffee? Here are a few tips on achieving just that. Keep in mind that there are many tips for the best coffee brew so here are a few to keep in mind. Fresh is the best. Coffee connoisseurs know that getting fresh coffee beans is […]


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Sustaining small coffee farms and drinking the freshest
coffee available is what we are all about.

We will match the best price you find.


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