Coffee Fundraising

Sourcing coffees from small family farms is what we do at Sacred Grounds Coffee Club.

Our fundraising programs are fun, easy and profitable!

The great thing about Sacred Grounds Gourmet Coffee Fundraisers is that they are so easy.  We will help you set it up today.

  • Church
  • School (Elementary, High School, College)
  • Cheerleaders
  • Non-profit and Charity
  • Scouts (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts)
  • Youth Groups

Profit Potentials has worked with school groups, churches, dance groups, 4H groups, scouts, youth groups, cheerleaders and cheer groups, sports teams, college groups, and many more!

Have a tight timeline? We will work with your group to ensure a successful coffee fundraiser.

School Fundraising Ideas:

Hey parents, kids, teachers:  Add coffee to your next school fundraiser & generate proceeds fast — while simultaneously supporting  small eco coffee growers.

Why use coffee as a fundraiser.

  • 80% of adults drink coffee
  • Super Easy to Sell
  • The Coffee Club coffee is excellent — It’s the perfect way to raise money.
  • We offer different Roasts, Decaf AND Single Serve coffee.
  • No Risk, No Hassle & Unlimited Profits.
  • 24 minimum, 12 ounce bags, flat ship.
  • Set your own retail price — earn a minimum of $3 a bag — over 30% profit margin
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

The Coffee Club purchases the coffees from Indigenous people in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Samatra and many other countries.

The Sacred Grounds blends are roasted with our own unique methods of perfecting the rich blend every time.

We are supporting the environment and fair trade for our farmers.

Get started today!

We are interested in schools and organizations who want to offer a great coffee or tea experience to their customers.

CLICK HERE to request a Free Coffee Fundraising Kit .

How It Works

Some package examples from previous sales.

Sales Package is mailed to your group via Priority Mail, Free of Charge.

It includes:

  • Sales Brochures are provided in the number requested. The Brochure is a beautiful four color trifold that practically sells itself.
  • A Customized Summary Form to assist in totaling the completed order forms.
  • An End of Sale Order Form that is used to fax an order to us.
  • A Parent/Guardian Information Letter that can be duplicated as needed.
  • A one-pot size Coffee Sample of two of the flavors you will be selling. Brew these in the school office or teacher’s lounge to entice sales.
  • Top Ten Facts to know about Specialty Coffee before selling School Spirit Coffee. You will want to read this information to the participants at your fundraising kick-off. Photocopy and distribute if there is not an actual kick-off event.
  • A Full Size Sample of your Coffee Bag with Label which we suggest you fill with beans or rice and use as a promotional display.

Placing Your Order

Summarize the order forms using the Summary Form that is included in your Sales Package. Transfer the totals to the End of Sale Order Form, also provided in your Sales Package.

Email orders to:

Photocopy every order form, place the originals in a large envelope and mail to

5705 Steep Hill Road, Fort Smith, AR   72916


We will total your orders and return the original order forms with your products. Don’t send any payment until you have received an invoice from School Spirit Coffee.