Coffee Trends for 2015

Coffee.Club takes a look ahead to top trends for the coming year.

As coffee lovers, we’re always looking to the future. What does 2015 have in store when it comes to new blends, brewing technologies, accessories, and services? Will we be drinking the same cup in the exact same way a year from now?

Coffee Trends for 2015

Coffee Ordering Apps. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently announced that the company will be testing a new mobile pre-ordering app in Portland. The app allows customers to order their coffee before arriving at the store.

Coffee Delivery Services. Schultz added that Starbucks will also start delivering beverages and food in select cities in the second half of 2015. If this new move meets with success, other coffee retailers are sure to follow suit.

Coconut and Almond Milk. It started with soy milk. Now coffee shops will be keeping coconut and / or almond milk in stock for their dairy-free customers.

Coffee Drive-Thrus. These are already around in some places, and they’re about to become more prevalent. People are in more of hurry these days, making them less willing to drive to a coffee shop, park, wait in line, pay, and resume their trip. Drive-thrus already exist for fast food, so fast coffee is a natural next step.

Single-Cup Coffee Makers in Hotel Rooms. Some larger hotel chains already have single-serve coffee machines in their rooms, but they’re presently in the minority. That will change in 2015, when guests with more discerning palates demand a better quality cup in the morning.

Chilled, Not Iced. Recent droughts in many areas all over the country have created a more conservative attitude toward water usage and waste. As a result, iced coffee will gradually be phased out in favor of chilled coffee.

Like technology, the science of coffee is continually developing. It will be interesting to see what additional trends come to light as 2015 progresses.